About me

I have always been interested in people as a whole, the body and spirit. Personal development and awareness are important to me in life. The human being as a whole – the body, the emotional aspect, the mind and the energy system – has always fascinated me. I feel attracted to a holistic approach.

During my University study and regular work, I trained in several programs / courses, such as 1,5 year physical therapy, (sports) massage training, a basic 2 year training Haptonomy α at the Academy Haptonomy Doorn. For a couple years, I owned a massage practice in Amsterdam. In 2008 I attended an open day of training for craniosacral therapy at the Uplegder Institute, located in Doorn. What I experienced that day resonated with me tremendously and I instantly felt great enthusiasm to start this training. 

I feel very inspired by this method of working people, whereby it is possible to work on a physical, emotional, mental and/or energetic level of the human body. All knowledge of the various courses integrated here and it felt like a homecoming for me.